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The Science Room 2015.


BREAKING NEWS  ‘DIRTY SCIENCE IS COMING’                                                                                                   To celebrate science week we had a family science night. Families were invited to bring along a science presentation related to dirt. We have so many creative families! Click on the link DIRTY SCIENCE for some photos from the night.

2015 has seen a major change to the Science Room, we have shifted to the SCIENCE CAVE!

Science in the Primary is in its second year and our new home has adapted well to all the demands placed on it. Our preps had lots of fun at the beginning of the year exploring magnets, chemistry and paleontology! Now at the end of term 3 they have fine tuned their science observation skills and are experts on how things move. (Visit the Prep page to see photos)

The Year 6’s are chicken experts. If you want to know all about eggs just ask them! However I’m not sure that they have solved the riddle “Which came first the chicken or the egg?”

The 3/4 classes were really into the CAVE in Term 1, learning about bats as part of their biology unit. They then moved onto the science of packages in term 2 and in term 3 have explored forces. Visit their page to to see what they have been up to.

The Year 2’s began the year by following the path of water around the school, in term 2 they were all mixed up as they studied what mixes and what doesn’t! Now as they near the end of term 3 they have become adept at conducting investigations into forces and movement.

Each year level’s activities are listed on their special pages. Use the top navigation bar or side bars to check out the happenings in each year level.
                    Our vision in the science room is:
                                 Every class
                                 Every week

Prep 2015 – First science drawing of the year “What does a scientist do?”

2014 Happenings


TAP stands for Timboon Agriculture Project. TAP is all about integrating learning with agriculture and to do this the school has formed many partnerships within the community. Each year we have a mini field day where the schools work around TAP goes on display. Many of the stands are run by the students as they explain their learning.As part of their unit on microorganisms the Year 6 students helped to run a game highlighting micro-ogranisms in the soil. The Prep students had a display to show their writing after the tractor visit for their science unit on the move. You can find out more about TAP by visiting the TAP blog.

Opening speeches

Opening speeches

Playing a soil game, it was quite complicated.

Playing a soil game, it was quite complicated.

Preps On the Move Display

Preps On the Move Display



Year 2 – Elephant Toothpaste on Kids Matter Day

The Year 2 classes finished off Kids Matter Day with a quick session in the science room to create “elephants toothpaste” – an exothermic chemical reaction. There was lots of excitement as the ‘toothpaste’ rose up and poured out of the bottles. Here is one of the video’s  – more photos are on the special event page.

Year 4 TAP Farm Science – September 2014

The Year 4 students headed off to the farm to learn about the science involved in farming. Find out more information and view the photos by visiting the special event page.

Science week is here! – August 2014

On their way to creating the winning tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows
The design is vitally important.

The design is vitally important.

Colour science with the Preps to Year 3s (Thanks to the Year 6 students who guided the younger students through the activities.)

Moving Milk Colours

Moving Milk Colours


Colour Fireworks in a Jar

Colour Fireworks in a Jar


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