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Year 4 science writing


After conducting experiments to test the elasticity of lolly snakes the Year 4s wrote a recount. Read some of the students writing ……

Elastic Energy writing:

Last Wednesday the Grade 4’s went to the 5-8 building for the science launch with Mr Mottram and Mrs Frazer.   Max

On Wednesday it was science day for the grade 4’s, we learnt about elasticity. All these things are elastic: bouncy balls, rubber bands, hair ties, lollies and foam. Mr Mottram and Mrs Frazer are the science teachers, we drew pictures of what a scientist looks like, what a scientist does and wrote some words about scientists. We all moved onto snakes, we got a worksheet and we had to decide who is the boss, the writer and the speaker. I was the speaker, Jasmine was the writer and Christopher  was the manager. When we finished we got to eat our snakes, we sat down and talked more about elasticity before we went to the buses.  Grace

In science the other day we looked at the elasticity of lolly snakes. We had to measure the first length of the snake, while being stretched and the length of the snake when it had retracted it’s shape. Our group changed the brand of each snake. The brands were Coles, Allens and Natural Confectionery. So we had all yellow snakes, all different lengths in front of us!  Alex B.

On Wednesday we had science in the 5-8 building. When we got there we read out stuff about the teachers that were teaching us. Then we got into our activity, we were doing the elasticity of lolly snakes. My team was only Milla and I. We got 3 yellow lolly snakes, we cut one in half and another one to 3cm. After awhile we got a worksheet and filled it out. Milla and I got stuck on a couple of bits but we got through it. After 25 minutes Mila and I finished the worksheet so we got to eat our snakes.  Tarsha

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