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Chocolate Investigation


Carefully observing the chocolate to determine which melts first, white or dark chocolate.


With the chocolate we kept the size, the shape, the place in the bag and the position in the sun the same. The only thing different was the type of chocolate.

writing 1

I think the white and dark chocolate had different ingredients, the dark chocolate had more flammable ingredients.

writing 2

I think the dark chocolate melted quicker because the white chocolate was thicker.

writing 3

We think the dark chocolate melted first because it maybe had more sugar.

writing 5

I think the dark chocolate melted quickest. I think the white chocolate melted slowest because the chocolates had different ingredients.

To finish off their science unit ‘Spot the Difference’ the Year 1 students conducted an investigation to compare which type of chocolate melts the fastest. It was a nice sunny day to use the sun as our heating agent. After conducting the experiment we had a great time of sharing with all students suggesting why they thought the dark chocolate melted fastest. Hannah suggested it was because the sun likes things that are dark and makes them hotter. You can read other reasons here in some of our writing. The year 1 students are really becoming ‘investigative scientists’!

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