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Magnets, Gravity and showing our learning.

We created ‘floating paperclips’ to explore the size and direction of the force associated with magnets and gravity. As part of the ‘explain’ session of our unit on forces we had to create a simple role play that used small and large labelled arrows to show the direction and size of the different forces. We had lots of discussion about what forces were actually involved.

To bring all our learning about forces together we are preparing for ‘arcadia’. Using ‘Caine’s Arcade’ as our inspiration the Year 3/4 students are working in groups to create arcade games. Each group has to design their arcade game, explain the forces at work in it, create a prototype and finally build the game. They have been amazingly creative with their ideas and found that some things needed to be changed during the building of the prototypes.


Floating paperclip 1


Floating paperclip 2


Role playing – pushing a box (notice the arrows).


Role playing – swimming. Lots of thinking about the forces and their direction in this role play.


Diagram for arcade game


Prototype for arcade game – magnetic maze


Beginning to make magnetic maze


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