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September 5, 2015
by Mrs F
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Seasonal changes

We have been exploring seasons as changes that occur over a long period of time. After brainstorming words associated with the seasons we worked as groups to great a poster to show one season. Then the posters created a class display.IMG_2997 IMG_2999

August 7, 2015
by Mrs F
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Spotting changes

When we started our unit we took photos outside, then two weeks later we had to check out the photos and record the things that were the same and the things that had changed. This helps us investigate changes that happen over short times and changes that take a lot longer to occur. We found some surprises, we thought the cars would change but they hadn’t, they were in the same spot! We did predict the plants would have changed, they had, they were being eaten by something!

IMG_2913 IMG_2919 IMG_2918 IMG_2917 IMG_2911

August 7, 2015
by Mrs F
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After we planted our gardens we visited the sheep in the lavender field!

IMG_2843 IMG_2842

August 7, 2015
by Mrs F
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Changing Gardens

The Year 1 students are finding changes all round as they look ‘Up, Down and All Around’ this term. To explore changes to natural and man made materials we have planted a garden in the lavender field and will be checking it weekly. We planted seeds, money, picked flowers, plastic cups and tin cans. We will be exploring how these different things change over time. We are not allowed to do anything to our garden, just observe the changes with our science eyes.

IMG_2838 IMG_2837 IMG_2839

July 12, 2015
by Mrs F
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Light and Sound

The Year 1 students completed their unit on light and sound with a visit to a REALLY DARK ROOM. With the lights off and no light coming into the room, they learnt that we do need light to see and carrots can’t help us see in the dark if there is no light!

May 27, 2015
by Mrs F
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The fantastic science machine

This week we used a science machine to hear sound travelling through objects. It was made from a coat hanger and two bits of string. We put the string over our ears and then tapped the coat hanger on different objects. The sound was much louder as it traveled straight up the string to our ears.

Analyce drew a ‘joke picture’. She put ‘sound’ on a bike which was towing a suitcase because ‘SOUND TRAVELS’. We all liked Analyce’s joke. Can you find the ‘science machine’ in her drawing? Caius and Finn shared their writing too.

IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2611

IMG_2603 IMG_2605 IMG_2608 IMG_2609

May 27, 2015
by Mrs F
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Vibrating sounds

We conducted mini explorations to make the connections between objects vibrating and sound. We felt our larynx as we talked (it felt like a buzz), held balloons while our partner talked into it (it tickled our hands) and observed a guitar string (the sound stopped when the vibration stopped). Some of our writing was very descriptive!


See the noise the ukelele makes, music and science go together!

IMG_2571 IMG_2569

May 27, 2015
by Mrs F
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Sound words


Everybody’s shuffling


We had fun stomping our feet!


We worked out that the wind moving things makes the sounds we hear on a windy day. The day we went outside it was extremely windy!

To begin our new unit on light and sound the Grade 1 students listened very carefully to the sounds inside and outside the classroom. They then thought of words to describe the sounds they heard.

April 19, 2015
by Mrs F
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Chocolate Investigation


Carefully observing the chocolate to determine which melts first, white or dark chocolate.


With the chocolate we kept the size, the shape, the place in the bag and the position in the sun the same. The only thing different was the type of chocolate.

writing 1

I think the white and dark chocolate had different ingredients, the dark chocolate had more flammable ingredients.

writing 2

I think the dark chocolate melted quicker because the white chocolate was thicker.

writing 3

We think the dark chocolate melted first because it maybe had more sugar.

writing 5

I think the dark chocolate melted quickest. I think the white chocolate melted slowest because the chocolates had different ingredients.

To finish off their science unit ‘Spot the Difference’ the Year 1 students conducted an investigation to compare which type of chocolate melts the fastest. It was a nice sunny day to use the sun as our heating agent. After conducting the experiment we had a great time of sharing with all students suggesting why they thought the dark chocolate melted fastest. Hannah suggested it was because the sun likes things that are dark and makes them hotter. You can read other reasons here in some of our writing. The year 1 students are really becoming ‘investigative scientists’!

March 28, 2015
by Mrs F
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Spaghetti Science

The things you can do with spaghetti.

When it’s been cooked you can make pictures, uncooked you can create towers. The difference comes about because of the cooking.

IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_2134 IMG_2275 IMG_2277

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