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September 18, 2015
by Mrs F
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Testing Carts

IMG_3568Now that the Year 2 students are ‘Push and Pull experts’ they conducted their final investigation. Using all they had learnt during the unit they had a final go at modifying and testing their carts with a ‘ramp off’ to see who’s cart would go the furthest.

IMG_3566 IMG_3569

September 5, 2015
by Mrs F
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Push and Pull


Measuring the distance


Adding weight to the car




Recording results

The year 2 students have been exploring push forces and what causes changes to how things move by using their very own ‘milk cart cars’. First they created some super little cars. This was followed by a test to see which group’s car went the furthest. They became experts at conducting a ‘fair test’ after Mr M. kept trying to change the conditions. Finally they were up to conducting their own investigations. They were very particular not only in conducting their tests but recording their observations. Well done Year 2s!

July 13, 2015
by Mrs F
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Term 2 reflections


Writing about goop…


Where is science in my everyday life?


Graphing different mixtures


Inky chromatography


July 12, 2015
by Mrs F
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Mixing it up

The Year 2 students have been studying different mixtures for term 2. They added different ingredients together to explore how they mix. Then they went one step further and separated different types of cooking ingredients (icing sugar, cocoa, puffed rice and coconut) that had been all mixed up together. They used different equipment for each ingredient and found the icing sugar and cocoa were really difficult to separate!

March 28, 2015
by Mrs F
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Water, Water everywhere

In Term 1 the Year 2 students have explored where water goes and the water cycle. They created their own water cycle using a large bowl, a jar of warm water, a clear show cap and a piece of plasticine. 

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